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3D sense Bootcamp is extremely fun and wonderful experience!

My name is Flavian and I was one of the students who participated in the 3DSense winter boot camp and My experience during my time in 3DSense although short, was astounding to say the least. It was truly something that I thoroughly enjoyed, everybody was very friendly and they taught incredibly well about each subject.
I first found out about 3DSense last year when a friend of mine told me about it, but I haven’t really given it much thought. Until I started to love drawing and 3D Modelling, and when I found out that 3DSense offers a winter boot camp program, I instantly knew I just had to take part in it.

I did not regret going at all, it was truly a wonderful experience, to be able to learn art directly from the experts, people who do this for a living. People like Artgerm, Ukitakumuki/Kai, Craig Stevenson, Martin Altanie, Derrick Song, and Justin Chua (Especially Justin, this guy’s the man!).

Not only was the experience extremely fun and educational, but it also helped me choose which course I want to take either 3D Animation&VFX, Concept art & Ilustration, and Motion & Graphics design. They explained very intricately about each and every course and helped me make sure which one to pick.

And the best thing about it was the fact that every single lecturer does not consider the things they do for a living as a job, rather as a hobby and having fun. None of them ever said their jobs were easy but they keep talking about despite all that, it was still the best job in the world and how it’s always interesting and never boring.

Right after I came back home from the boot camp, I was definitely sure that I want to apply to 3DSense, it has blown me away by how good 3DSense is and how it has exceeded my expectations so much. This truly was a wonderful experience.

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