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Congrats Catryn! Listen to her testimonial of being one of best graduates of NAFA Singapore


Writing my biggest gratitude for Universal Service who had guided me even 2 years before my admission. As a curious person, I did my research for future art studies in Singapore from scratch with Universal Service and they answered every one of my detailed inquiries. Plus point, seeing my ambitions, they also gave me tips and honest opinions on how to prepare a good portfolio for my application. Thanks to them, I got a hint of what studying overseas is like before having to step foot in Singapore.

Huge thanks to Ms. Fani who thoroughly explained the Tuition Grant and Scholarship prospect from NAFA, an excellent opportunity that helped with financial burdens (especially for international students) during their studies! Without her guidance, I wouldn’t be able to be granted a scholarship (first year) and a tuition grant to cover my 3 years of studies.

It was a very meaningful head start for my NAFA journey as I was admitted during the pandemic days.

ps. They even helped me to communicate with the Ministry of Health since I was traveling during the pandemic!

Up to my last year in NAFA, I’m happy to say that I’m still in touch with Universal Services. Super satisfied with their service and help. All the best for Universal Services.


Catryn Anjanette

Former High school: St. Louis 1 Catholic High School, Surabaya

Graduate of NAFA Diploma in Fashion Design

Year 1 - Tan Chay Bing Scholarship Award for Diploma Entry SGD $6.000 awardee

Year 3 - Tan Ean Kiam Arts Scholarship  SGD $6.000 awardee

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