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My name is Jocelyn Permana, a student in SIM GE. I applied to SIM to pursue my Diploma in Management Studies. I aim to continue my studies to take my bachelor in hotel and tourism with La Trobe as my university partner. 

I applied to SIM because it’s a leading private institution with high accreditation for its teaching. I used Universal’s help to apply to SIM. My experience in Universal have been very good. They are really helpful and is always there to assist your questions and needs. Universal also informed me about the scholarship that SIM provides. I  prepared for the scholarship by searching scholarship questions and immediately answering them as a way to practice. Kak Ena from Universal told me to not memorize the answers and answer the interview spontaneously, truthfully, with confidence. Therefore, that is what I did in my interview session to then receive the 50% merit scholarship from SIM!

Jocelyn Permana

Alumni of Cita Hati School - Surabaya

Program enrolled : Diploma International Business . SIM GE Singapore - Oct 2022 intake

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