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Thanks to universal for helping me during the application process!


Picking my further education has always been confusing for me, there are too much information and options available out there. Universal, especially Ce Ena, helped me to narrow down the options according to my interest. In the end, I choose the Singapore Institute of Management for my further education, and not only that, I also got the chance to receive the SIM GE Merit Scholarship (50%). I can confidently say that Universal played a huge role in this, they helped me starting from answering all of my questions regarding the university programs, regulations, and fees, the application process for both the program and scholarship, and giving advice regarding scholarship application. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service that Universal has provided!


        Special thanks to Ce Ena, who has helped me a lot during the application process.

        Ryan Kendrick Hoatmodjo

        SMAK. St.Louis 1 - Surabaya

        Program enrolled : Diploma International Business . SIM GE Singapore - Oct 2022 intake

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