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universal answers my questions patiently :)

To be honest, at first I did not really want to come to Universal since I had some bad experiences with other agencies. It was my brother who insisted me to give it a try. He said that Ci Ratna is very knowledgeable and as far as he could see, based on her experiences, she is very reliable. So then I said why not? 

 The first time I met her, she asked me more than I asked her, I bet that was for background check (this made me think that this time is gonna be different, since no other agents do this). She then told me what to do step by step. She answered my every question very clearly. She gave me way out for some problems and also some great suggestions. 

 Applying for school was so easy, I just gave the documents needed, that’s it, Ci Ratna took care of the rest. She also helped me so much with my visa, every step she told me was based on her experience. She seemed to know and remember each case of her student. Everything went so well. That day when Ci Ratna told me that my visa was approved, I recalled what my brother said to me to give her a try, I did not regret it! Couple months before all of their student leave, Universal also held an event to prepare all of their students with some knowledge and answered all of our questions patiently. 

 Now here I am living my study-life with my brother and his little family in Toronto. Could not ask for more from Ci Ratna. In this opportunity I also want to thank her for all of her help. And for you guys who is still looking for educational agency, especially to Canada, do not waste your time looking for other agency. Go to Universal. I believe you will be in the right hands! See you guys in Toronto soon. :) 

 Denny Phantius Toronto, December 05, 2017

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