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Best Graduate Diploma in Interior and Exhibition - NAFA 2019

Another testimonial from our student who studied in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Kirana Ariana Gunawan. She received an achievement as the BEST GRADUATE in her major.
"I am very grateful to stumble upon Universal during Education Fair in my school back in 2015. During that time, I was considering to study art in Singapore but I didn’t have clue yet about any schools there. Universal was very clear and detailed when explaining to me about the three art schools in Singapore. They gave pros and cons for each school and helped me choose the school that fit my circumstances. Without universal, I wouldn’t have chosen NAFA because it was known to be tough. And now I wouldn’t regret that decision because I learned a lot of things that I never explored before, and also found new things that I’m more passionate about. It let me to change majors after my first semester. It was hard juggling me time, school work, and friends during my study there. But I am really grateful to find friends who are going through the same thing and could support each other. The teachers were also very nice, they are open to questions and are very critical when it comes to critics. We were also given a chance to network during our study. It was really helpful to find future employers and also clients in Singapore, encouraged me to go back to Singapore and work overseas. Overall my learning experience in NAFA was unforgettable and fruitful, wouldn’t change it even if I could."

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