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I am just so blessed to have Universal as my agent, especially Ci Veni as my education consultant. Without all of them, I would not be who I am right now; and certainly my dream will just be a dream.

I completely understand how parents are super worried sending their kids abroad for studies. However, don't be so worry. Universal has great RESPONSIBILITY for their students. They are very responsible with all deadlines of VISA, school application, study permit, and residence. Not only your paperwork, but also all answers for "who is going to pick you up?", "where are you going to live?", "what are you going to eat?" questions; they have prepared everything for you. So, don't worry too much, they really know what they are doing.

Besides their hard work at the beginning of my journey, Universal shows their never-ending CONSISTENCY in helping me throughout my educational paths. Ci Veni never gets tired to follow me up and makes sure that everything is okay with me. Whenever I have questions and need direction, she is always ready with solutions and suggestions. Moreover, she never forgets about my parents. She kept my parents up-to-date and well informed them of how I was doing at school.

Lastly, their SINCERITY that completes everything. From the very beginning, I really know that Ci Venni seriously cares about me. Although I may no longer be her student (I graduated from CIC, Canada), Ci Veni is still there for me. She helps me out with anything. How she nicely treats me, how we keep in touch, how I can still ask her any question; those just make me very welcome, grateful, and proud having UNIVERSAL as my agent.

In the end, thank God for everything and for introducing Universal to me. Thank you Universal and ci Veni for your hard work, without your RESPONSIBILITY, CONSISTENCY, and SINCERITY, I would not be who I am now. I just cannot ask for a better education consultant and it is certainly my blessing to have you.

Best regards,

Anindita Pradana Suteja
York University, Canada
B.A. Business Economics || June 2014

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